Flipping the Switch: How to Redefine Success to Find True Fulfillment

In life, success is not what we're after. What we're really going after is a sense of fulfillment. We want to be happy with the lives we have made for ourselves. We want to feel fulfilled as husbands and wives, sons and daughters. We want to feel accomplished in our careers. We want to feel that what we are doing in this world is making a difference. We want to feel like we matter. In Flipping the Switch: How to Redefine Success to Find True Fulfillment, former college athlete Ben Fagan recounts the lessons he learned through playing college baseball. While these lessons were forged in sport, they have application to life that goes far beyond the game. Fagan believes that everything needed to succeed is already inside us; it is just a matter of flipping the switch and redefining success.


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Publication Date: 5/29/2020

Language: English

ISBN: 9781716883439

Category: Self-Improvement

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Contributors: By (author): Ben Fagan


Pages: 127

Binding: Paperback

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